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With Sport Guru you'll have a web of hundreds of promoters who will bring clients directly into your shop.
It used to take you years, but today it only takes a couple of clicks.



Having hundreds of athletes, instructors and opinion leaders in your area (you set your action radius) who suggest to their students and fans, to visit your shop


Being able to make any event, page or post viral on the social media with one click only, reaching in a few seconds a targeted audience of millions of people


Having an instrument with graphs and tables to help you keep everything under control

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Access the biggest sport influencers network
  1. 1
    thouse of influencers
    Browse through thousands of influencers getting important information right away
  2. 2
    Demography and language insights
    Look at precise analytics and statistics to evaluate each influencer carefully
    No, we’re not asking you a leap of faith
  3. 3
    Engagement analytics
    Set a few parameters and send collaboration requests to the most interesting influencers

    Among these parameters you’ll be able to set how much to pay your ambassador for each real like obtained on the branded posts
  4. 4
    Audience age and gender
    Sit back and relax, our system will automatically create the contract based on your custom settings and notes. We will send it to the ambassador for the final evaluation: all this, for free!
  5. 5
    Comments pod check
    Aren’t you tired of keeping track of all your ambassadors? Yeah, we thought so, that’s why our advanced bots and AI will control your ambassadors’ posts for you, crediting automatically their income onto their account, or warning them if they aren‘t fulfilling the requierements.

    We really do check everything! Our AI controls how many likes and comments are real and if the hashtags and brand tags are correct.

    Yet, we know bots don’t have great tastes in pictures, so an operator will control all the posts to make sure they respect your guidelines and put your brand in a good light.

    Plus, you’ll be able to control your ambassadors’ behaviour and posts through graphs and tables to always have everything under control.
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Take advantage of thousand of affiliates
  1. 1
    Sign up! Come on, it’s free!
    We’ll evaluate your subscription in one working day.
    thouse of influencers
  2. 2
    Install the app Sport Guru Retail.
    This is the only thing you need to do! Once the app is installed you’ll be able to validate the affiliation codes your clients will present you.

    The app will tell you if the code is valid or not, how much the code is worth and how many times it’s been used.
    Demography and language insights
  3. 3
    All professionals, athletes and instructors inscribed will be notificated and they will be able to promote you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and through everyday face to face suggestions, right away via personalized affiliation codes
    Engagement analytics
  4. 4
    Each affiliation code is unique and allows us to track each order brought by Sport Guru’s affiliates.
    They will have a real, strong interest in promoting your products since they will earn a percentage, that you decide on, for each order they’ll bring.

    Plus, since every order it traceable, you’ll never pay for a service you didn’t receive! No orders brought = nothing to pay. As easy as that.
    Audience age and gender
  5. 5
    Be always in control with our advanced statistics.
    Check how many orders you’ve received, who brought them, from where and from which sport area they were generated.

    These graphs will help set the right target for your ads, and choose new ambassadors!
    No more wasting money on something that doesn’t really work for your business, instead, focus your resources on what brings measurable results.
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Your potential clients will see their favorite instructors of athletes suggesting your shop.
With Sport Guru:
Leaders in sport have available a great tool to earn real money with minimum effort.
You can finally pay the promoters for the results they bring. You can increase the number of promoters and at the same time completely eliminate their management time.
Yeah all great, but how much does Sport Guru cost?
Sport Guru’s fee is only the 2,95% of all the orders brought by our affiliates.
You will never pay us, or the affiliates, for a service you didn’t receive!

Only this 2,95% goes to the platform, the percentage that you set for the affiliate will entirely go to them.
Sport Guru’s fee will only be applied on the real likes the ambassadors with a contract will obtain, under the branded posts that fully respect your guidelines.

Our AI engine will check every post to determine the amount of real likes for you.

The fee is only 0,01€ per real like.
no premium account
no monthly subscription
no fixed cost
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Why you should sign up now:

In a world in which everything is ever changing the real risk is not to change, not to adapt to the changes that occur even though these might be radical and unexpected.

Blockbuster, Nokia, Kodak and many others are obvious examples: huge companies that went bankrupt because they didn't change.

Do you manage to recall any company that went bankrupt for innovating too much?

In the next few years Sport Guru will revolutionize the world of sport promotion, creating millions of highly specialized B2C agents perfectly organized and coordinated in the territory and on the web, able to reach almost any sportsman in the world.

sign up now, it's free!
Beat your competitors and sign up now!

In a first phase with just a few players it will be easier for the promoters to choose your brand. Signing up now you will obtain many promoters without any effort, and it will be harder for your competitors to collect promoters in the future.

To wait means giving your competitors an almost invincible weapon... who wants to do that?

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